White House, BP slammed over response to gulf oil spill: Issa report

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While President Barack Obama on Friday was taking bows for what experts concede is a weak economy coupled with disappointing jobs reports, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) slammed the Obama administration for its part in the Gulf Oil Spill crisis.
Rep. Issa, who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, released a report titled “The BP Oil Spill Recovery Effort: The Legacy of Choices Made by the Obama Administration.”  The report examines the adequacy of the response to the Gulf Oil Spill and decisions made by the Obama Administration.   

“The response to the oil spill was a partnership between the White House and BP.  While the arrangement may have worked well for BP and the White House, many spill victims feel otherwise,” said Chairman Issa.
“From frustration about the compensation process to the devastating economic impact of the drilling moratorium, evidence presented in this report raises many questions about the wisdom of the Administration’s policies including the decision to put BP at the forefront of managing and leading the recovery effort,” Issa said.
During an appearance on Fox News Channel, Congressman Issa sternly reprimanded both British Petroleum and President Obama's response to the devastating oil disaster.
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